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If you’re setting up a business or organisation in Belgium or if you already have one, call us. We’ll set you up and then we’ll take care of all your ongoing admin, unleashing your time and energy so you can fully serve your mission.

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What We Do

We provide back office and admin services to SMEs, industry associations, and NGOs, freeing you from admin-related demands on your time, allowing you to focus on your business or your mission.

We provide a single, highly customer-oriented point of contact for all your admin needs, relieving you of the need to interact with multiple public authorities and service providers.

And if you are just setting up a new business or organisation, we can take care of the formalities for you, so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Some of our Services

full-service admin relief

We'll open your envelopes, scan and file the documents, receive all your admin emails, process everything that doesn't require a decision from you, and let you know when a decision is needed.​

bookkeeping, payments, and collection

Working with certified accountants, we'll ensure that your books are always up to date, track receivables and payables, and provide an overview dashboard with secure one-click payment approval.


Working with the payroll provider of your choice, we'll keep track of your team's comings and goings throughout the year and ensure compliant employment practice.

Consulting and Guidance

We partner with consultants who leverage deep experience to help you strategise, map out, and execute a digital transformation journey for your organisation, and will accompany you along the way.​

Setting you up

If you're setting up a new organisation, we can take care of all the paperwork and formalities for you, whether it's a company, an industry association, or an NGO.

Ad-hoc assistance

We'll handle your ad-hoc compliance matters and other administrative issues that arise in the course of operations, from HR to health & safety to setting up legal entities, and more.​

Who We Are

The founders are three expats who’ve lived in Brussels long enough to know all the local ins-and-outs, without forgetting what it’s like to be a new arrival. We have years of combined experience in and with the business, industry association, and not-for-profit worlds centered around the European Union and the local business environment beyond the Bubble. Here’s a bit more about us: 

Paul McHale
Paul McHale

Paul’s broad experience in executive search for both the corporate world and the “Brussels Bubble” has provided him not only with an extensive network in Brussels but also the deep HR skills and experience which are key for the human and organisational side of digital transformation.

Ioana Blaga

An experienced office manager for a Brussels SME, and founder of a successful domestic services company, Ioana is versed in the business processes of small and medium-sized organisations, from payroll to bookkeeping to the many other compliance issues imposed by Belgian law.

Michel Ehrlich
Michel Ehrlich

Michel founded the EU’s premier regulatory monitoring company, and is at home in the world of EU-focused industry associations, NGOs, and SMEs. Now a pursuing a long-standing passion for technology and change by helping organisations embrace the efficiencies made possible by digitalisation.

What We Care About

In addition to helping businesses and organisations focus on their missions, we like to break out of the Bubble and be part of the local fabric of Brussels. One of ways we do that is to support local initiatives we believe in, and we are proud to currently be supporting: